Shiny Master Sword - The Legend Of Zelda Untitled


    Some of the awesome legends created by Nintendo, The legend of Zelda.

    School began, wish you the best !

    Bonne rentrée à tous ! 

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  1. talkdancytome:

    playing bioshock infinite again so i drew this.

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  3. higuraiidoodles:

    I made a very sad thing

    So um…there was talk about a “Princess’ Shade” a little while back

    can’t remember who brought up that idea

    but I made a Princess’ Shade


    The Hero’s Shade was most likely buried in that armor, if he was found

    So Zelda would probably be wearing some really decorative clothes when she was buried


    I am so sorry if you can’t tell what’s what

    for instance, that’s a veil not hair

    I did this as quick as I could.

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  4. candyvalkyrie:

    Hey guys! In celebration of my new job i’m throwing a giveaway again~
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    not blinding

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  5. thenumber09:

    Trying to get the hang of those markers ~ real fun so I bought some coloured ones! Also deadpool vs. Hawkeye peeps. Show some love #art #comics #drawing #inking #markers #deadpool #hawkeye

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    just walking my ghost…

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